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You Need Unbiased Financial Advice

Fee-Only India is the answer
Financial Chart

An association of financial planners who do not sell any products or earn commissions, and who work purely in the client's best interest. All planners are completely independent and are not affiliated with any bank, mutual fund, or insurance company. 

All planners charge a Flat Fee, based on effort and not based on Assets Under Management (AUM) or Net Worth. 


Financial advice should be conflict-free and unbiased, not driven by commissions and incentives from product sellers. You need an advisor who works for you and who is always on your side. The only source of income for a fee-only planner is the fee you pay. 


Financial Planners who are part of the FOI association are independent planners, practicing pure fee-only advisory. They are all licensed as Registered Investment Advisers (RIA) under SEBI's guidelines and are passionate about providing unbiased and honest financial advice

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