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List of Fee-Only Financial Planners


Compensated only with the fee clients pay directly, not earning commissions by any means. 


Charging a flat fee and not based on a % of Assets Under Management (AUM) or Net Worth.


Not affiliated with any bank, mutual fund or insurance company to promote their products. 


Holding SEBI's 'Registered Investment Adviser' (RIA) licence and BASL membership.

Every Financial Planner listed below meets the high ethical standards of FOI. 
(The list is in alphabetical order)

Abhishek Kumar

Sahajmoney Financial Planning


Ajay Pruthi



Akshay Nayak

Akshay Nayak

(Konkani, Kannada, Hindi)

Avinash Luthria

Fiduciaries Financial Planning


Basavaraj Tonagatti

BasuNivesh Financial Planning

(Kannada, Hindi)

Brijesh Vappala

Bvare Financial Planners

(Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil)

Chandan Singh Padiyar

Padiyar's Financial Planning Solutions

(Hindi, Marathi, Kumaoni)

Gursimran Singh

Paramasa Wealth Advisory

(Hindi, Punjabi)

Melvin Joseph 

Finvin Financial Planners (*Stopped taking new clients from Mar 1, 2024)

(Tamil, Malayalam) 

Preeti Zende

ApanaDhan Financial Services

(Hindi, Marathi)

Priyadarshini Mulye


(Hindi, Marathi)

S. R. Srinivasan

Srinivesh Advisors

(Tamil, Hindi, Kannada)

Salma Sony



Satheesh Kannan


(Hindi, Tamil, Kannada)

Shashi Singh

Finmyn Financial Planning


Shibu Kunjappy

Finprudence Financials

(Hindi, Malayalam)

Sridhar Nagarajan

Sridhar Nagarajan

(Hindi, Tamil)

Sriram Jayaraman

Arthagyan Financial Adviser

(Tamil, Hindi)

Sudheer Variar M

Prasidhi Financial Solutions

(Malayalam, Hindi)

Swapnil Kendhe

Vivektaru Financial Planning

(Hindi, Marathi)

Upasana Mondal

DreamBluePrintz Financial Planning

(Hindi, Bengali)

Venkateshwaran Subramanian

Begin Financial

(Tamil, Hindi, Marathi)

Vikram Krishnamoorthy

Insightful Financial Planning

(Tamil, Telugu)

Vivek S G

Wealth Crafts

(Kannada, Hindi)

In addition to English, the planners can also communicate in the languages mentioned under their name.


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